Awards 2018


2018 was rubbish if you’re a farmer or a gardener – there was no rain from May to August. If you’re a cricketer however, it was a godsend. Blades played 17 matches over the season, a total only surpassed by 2003 when there were 18. You can see lots of other numbers by clicking on the Stats page here

And of course, amongst the glittering array of Blades performances, some glittered more than others.

253 runs in 14 innings at an average of 42.17 helped Keiran Humphrey retain the Batsman of the Year award

20 wickets in 51 overs at an average of 10.50 meant that Jon Galpin claimed Bowler of the Year again.

Galpin also bagged the coveted Player of the Year, as voted by the team.

Dan Brown, in his freshman year as a Blade, scooped the Champagne Moment award for his 53* + catch + wicket vs Vine Away.

Well done everyone.


Allez Les Blades!