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So that’s another season under the Blades belt. And now all eyes turn to awards, curry and beer.
We have been collecting potential Champagne Moments throughout the summer and there is a list of them below. Please feel free to add your own nominaton in the comments below and I will then arrange a poll.
NOTE – don’t vote here, ths is just for nominations!

The list so far:

25th May 2021 – Crawley AWAY:
Marsh direct hit run out
Whythe on a hat trick in the last over
Reiss of Crawley surviving one delivery then hammering the next

2nd June 2021 – NOC AWAY:
K-Dog taking Twitter shade from GT
K-Pup’s debut wicket

Hurst and Marsh partnership
The Lordswood youth and the mystery of “who pushed Emily”

9th June 2021 – Deportivo HOME:
Meering’s big four to close the Blades innings
Farmer’s catch so low down that worms were ducking
Kumar’s 1-1 reply to the 16 off him in the previous over
Hall’s debut 17 with the bat / 2-12 with the ball combo

16th June 2021 – Shirley AWAY:
Humphrey’s 37 not out
nothing else this week came close

23rd June 2021 – Knowle Village AWAY:
Hall’s 27 not out in difficult circumstances
Andy ‘Safe Hands’ Lowe shelling pea

Harry Fay’s soothsaysong prediction

27th July 2021 – Brookfield AWAY:
Grimes hits three fours in the eighth
K-Pup’s respectable 0-6 with the ball

Grimes 25 not out

11th August 2021 – Quilter HOME:
Hurst’s 29 not out
Meering fixing his own dislocated finger and going back out to field on the boundary


New Fixtures Added

My fellow Albanians

Yes, you read that right, there are now THREE more chances to don the baggy blue this summer:

Wed 2nd Jun vs NOC @ The Sporty

Wed 9th Jun vs Knowle Village (venue tbc)

Wed 2nd Jun vs NOC @ The Sporty

Click on each fixture above to register, or click HERE to go to the full fixture list and register for every game this season. You will also* be entered into our mega-draw where you could win one of these amazing prizes:

A popadom of your choice at the end of season curry
A mention in a match report
A chance to keep wicket for a over
One million pounds in cash**
An all-expenses-paid trip to Tirana***


* probably
** you won’t win this
*** or this

Mirëdita 2021!

My fellow Albanians

Thanks to the excellent and dedicated work of our beloved HOFF Emma, we have a(n almost full) list of fixtures for this Summer and we all hope that weather and pandemics permitting we will be able to get back to cricketing some cricket in 2021.

Of course the other variable is sufficient Blade sign-up, so let’s make sure we give the selection committee a headache every week by all registering for as many games as possible. Of course if you don’t play one week then there is always space on the North Stand for the travelling army. Let’s face it, the more people that can remind Ade not to leave the flag behind the better.

Click HERE for the full fixture list, and get your names down!


Adios 2020

My fellow Albanians

You don’t need me to tell you what a year 2020 has been, and yet here I am telling you. Because what else am I going to fill my time with during Tier 4 Betwixtmas Lockdown?

That pesky virus thingumajig put paid to our traditional plans for an End Of Season Awards Dinner but thanks to the wonders of this new Inter Net I can still share 2020’s stats and awards with you.


Click HERE to see the stats from this and every other year.

Click HERE to see (no spoilers) which Blades have picked up Awards this year. Congratulations to the winners – the pdf file is attached to the link so that you can download and print off at home. You will have to pretend for now that the Badger has presented this to you with humorous remarks, but maybe we’ll be treated to this some time soon eh?

That’s it, I’ll get out of your way.
See you all in 2021


Report 1st Sept 2020 HOME vs Deportivo

Deportivans batted first, all out for 57.
This is how Twitter saw the Blades innings:

@khumpuk and @harryalbertfay to start the chase.
3 from the first over. Very stodgy pitch and slow outfield helped the Blades restrict Deportivo but they now have to bat in the same tricky conditions.
@harryalbertfay absolutely smashes a four to the long boundary and is then bowled trying to repeat the trick. This brings @DanBrowner96 to the crease.
@DanBrowner96 is somehow castled. No-one quite knows how.
@Farmski7 up next.
Will be a tricky chase this. Blades on 7 for 2 off 2.
A fine drive from @khumpuk takes the Blades chase to 13 for 2 off 3.
Joan Collins has had enough of this and launches a couple of brutal fours, lording it over the enemy in scenes reminiscent of her hey day in Dallas. 23 for 2 off 4. Blades well ahead of the rate here.
The enemy bites back and @Farmski7 is LBW
5 for 3 off 5 as @Jimbojet73 joins @khumpuk in the fading light.

27 for 3 off 6. Plenty of overs in the bank by will the light allow it??
E.X Tras joins the action to take the Blades to 30 for 3 off 7.
A brutal hit to the long boundary by K-Dog moves the score on. 35 for 3 off 8.

creams another and then takes two. His score on 20. The Blades seemingly cruising.
Another two fours for @khumpuk and he retires. This correspondent now has to go and bat in the gloom
This correspondent should have seen it out but with the scores level and the field in he looked to launch it. And is bowled. Andy Rhodes is then bowled to put the Deportivo pie chucker on a hat-trick. Which The Barrier sees off.
Blades need 1 run from 18 balls. Which @Jimbojet73 cuts with ease from the first ball.

Blades win by 5 wickets.

Later on WhatsApp, K-Dog punditted, “I come with news of a Blades victory! Chasing just 57 off 16 overs on the definition of a pudding/gluepot of a pitch, patience was the key backed up by a particularly fine Bazza bowling spell. Great to be playing be into September, let’s hope Thursday is the same.”

Dan opined, “Cracking work tonight Blades! An enjoyable win 🍻”

Whilst DOC Galpin enthused, “Great to get some cricket, very enjoyable evening”

The Groinstrain Badger Express then summed up events with a statement:
“Kiran, you are too humble by half. A great knock, 28 not out, and a measerky 7 runs from your 3 overs and a wicket to boot. Top work fella !!! Bazza super spell, really turned the screw in the middkevif their innings, 3 wickets for only 2 runs. And backed up with amazing bowling at the death from Galps, 3 overs and a wicket an even stingier 1 run. Top work all round in the field. What looked like a tough total on that wicket, we chased down with aplomb, good supporting knocks around Kiran with a swift 10 from Farmski. Great night Blades. 😁we go again Thursday !!”





Ah, cricket

My fellow Albanians

it is with enormous pleasure that I can announce there WILL BE CRICKET this summer! Yeah bwoi, you read that right.
Thanks to negotiations involving The HOFF, the ECB, the DCMS, the AA, the BTS, the Albanian Culture Minister and Dominic Cummings, The Blades have secured permission  to return to the crease in July. That’s right, Wednesday (and occasionally Thursday) night Baggy Blue action will rise phoenix-like from the shrivelled husk that is the blackened carcass of 2020 to bring cricketing pleasure to millions  thousands  dozens several.

It is maybe poor form to reveal the inner workings of the negotiations, but because The Blades believe in community and togetherness, we refused to agree to restart “Project Innitiate Summer Sport” unless other cricket teams were allowed to play this summer aswell. So, thanks to The Blades’ negotiating team, sides such as Hampshire and England and so on will also schedule a few knockabouts. I’m sure they’ll be in touch about that.

The first Blades fixture will be away to Crawley on Wed July 15th; due to short notice, registration will be via WhatsApp only.
The next confirmed fixture is away to Winchester on THU July 30th – click here to put your name down for it.

And finally, a plea. This year has taught us how much we all miss cricket when it isn’t there. Make sure you register, make sure you play. The last thing we want is to finally have fixtures announced and then not be able to raise a side.

Thank you all.
Keep the Red Flag flying high
See you on 15th
First to arrive in Crawley and ask “all right here?” wins a prize