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Time is running out…

My fellow Albanians

As you know the Awards dinner is on Fri 28th at which the winners of various printed A4 pieces of paper will be revealed.

You can still vote in the ChamMo and PPOTY categories by clicking the appropriate link. Voting will close on Weds 26th after which your vote will be ignored and your IP details forwarded to an exiled Prince in search of funds.


Adios 2020

My fellow Albanians

You don’t need me to tell you what a year 2020 has been, and yet here I am telling you. Because what else am I going to fill my time with during Tier 4 Betwixtmas Lockdown?

That pesky virus thingumajig put paid to our traditional plans for an End Of Season Awards Dinner but thanks to the wonders of this new Inter Net I can still share 2020’s stats and awards with you.


Click HERE to see the stats from this and every other year.

Click HERE to see (no spoilers) which Blades have picked up Awards this year. Congratulations to the winners – the pdf file is attached to the link so that you can download and print off at home. You will have to pretend for now that the Badger has presented this to you with humorous remarks, but maybe we’ll be treated to this some time soon eh?

That’s it, I’ll get out of your way.
See you all in 2021


Ah, cricket

My fellow Albanians

it is with enormous pleasure that I can announce there WILL BE CRICKET this summer! Yeah bwoi, you read that right.
Thanks to negotiations involving The HOFF, the ECB, the DCMS, the AA, the BTS, the Albanian Culture Minister and Dominic Cummings, The Blades have secured permission  to return to the crease in July. That’s right, Wednesday (and occasionally Thursday) night Baggy Blue action will rise phoenix-like from the shrivelled husk that is the blackened carcass of 2020 to bring cricketing pleasure to millions  thousands  dozens several.

It is maybe poor form to reveal the inner workings of the negotiations, but because The Blades believe in community and togetherness, we refused to agree to restart “Project Innitiate Summer Sport” unless other cricket teams were allowed to play this summer aswell. So, thanks to The Blades’ negotiating team, sides such as Hampshire and England and so on will also schedule a few knockabouts. I’m sure they’ll be in touch about that.

The first Blades fixture will be away to Crawley on Wed July 15th; due to short notice, registration will be via WhatsApp only.
The next confirmed fixture is away to Winchester on THU July 30th – click here to put your name down for it.

And finally, a plea. This year has taught us how much we all miss cricket when it isn’t there. Make sure you register, make sure you play. The last thing we want is to finally have fixtures announced and then not be able to raise a side.

Thank you all.
Keep the Red Flag flying high
See you on 15th
First to arrive in Crawley and ask “all right here?” wins a prize



PPOTY 2019

My fellow Albanians

As the upcoming Awards Dinner is shortly approaching soon before long, THIS is YOUR chance to vote for the Players’ Player of the Year. The year in question being this year, 2019.

The votey thing is below. Make your selection from the full list of those who have represented the Baggy Blue this season.

The winner will be announced on 11th October