Awards 2020


2020 was a curtailed, Covid-affected season that meant we couldn’t have an End-Of-Season Awards Dinner but we still have inductees for the Hall of Fame…


Batsman of the Year
For scoring  in 65 innings at an average of 21.67 – both the highest run total and the best average this year – this award goes to Harry ‘The Academy” Fay

Bowler of the Year
For a wicket haul of 7 from 14 overs at an average of 8.71, this award goes to Barry “The Barrier”Meering

Players’ Player of the Year
For centuries, the best and fairest judges in any trial have been one’s peers. And in keeping with this tradition, the decision to select the Blades’ POTY falls to one’s fellow P’s. This year’s award goes to Keiran “K-Dog” Humphrey

Champagne Moment
Narrowly beating Brown D’s epic slide to avoid the run out vs Brookfield, this year’s ChamMo, for sledging of Hamer K before he was even batting on the same Brookfield match, Billy “The Academy’s Academy” Hamer

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Allez Les Blades!