Fancy a net?

My fellow Albanians

How’s it going? How was Christmas? You’re looking well, I like that thing you’ve done with your hair. Have you been going to the gym, you look like you’ve lost weight.

That’s the pleasantries over, now down to Business. Holy Cripes can it really be January already? And the second half of January at that! I know, mad isn’t it. Well, it’s about this time of year that the thoughts of DOCs, HOFFs, Badgers and Webmasters turn to Nettification. Yeah you heard me. Da muddaflippin’ nets has been booked muddaflippers, innit.

On four Wednesdays – that’s right ALL FOUR WEDNESDAYS – in April we have a lane booked at the Ageas Bowl and you, yes you, even YOU, can sign up to be part of it. How does one sign up you ask. Well, sir/madam, it couldn’t be simpler. Well, it could, but by jiminy the development would be pricey. For now, follow these simple steps:

  • Follow THIS LINK to the Nets menu
  • Click on one or all of the dates
  • Add your name in the comments
  • Dust off your box, wash and iron your whites
  • Turn up on the night (with cash to pay. This ain’t no charity)

Let’s have a good turnout, let’s get ready to face the foe this Summer.

That’s all.
Peace out.


Parlez les Blades...

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