Cancel that holiday!

My fellow Albanians

The buildup for Blades Season 2019 (#BS2019) continues! I’m not really sure what a fever pitch is, but I’m for jiminy flip certain that Fever Pitch is exactly what my Anticipationometer reading is saying right now!!

Because – get this, people – THE FIXTURES ARE OUT!

I shit you not.

Check here for the full list of fixtures, follow the link next to each fixture (and I do mean EACH fixture, no skipping a week) to register your availability. Then clear everything else from your diary because as of now you’re busy on 16 nights throughout the summer. And let’s face it, that holiday you’ve just booked isn’t going to happen now is it, not now that to get out of the country after 29th March you’ll be needing a Biometric visa and a four-week queue at Dover.

So, loyal Blades, make like a Car Bonnet.
Cancel that holiday. You have other, more important plans now.

Thanks for reading
Peace Out.



Parlez les Blades...

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