So that’s another season under the Blades belt. And now all eyes turn to awards, curry and beer.
We have been collecting potential Champagne Moments throughout the summer and there is a list of them below. Please feel free to add your own nominaton in the comments below and I will then arrange a poll.
NOTE – don’t vote here, ths is just for nominations!

The list so far:

25th May 2021 – Crawley AWAY:
Marsh direct hit run out
Whythe on a hat trick in the last over
Reiss of Crawley surviving one delivery then hammering the next

2nd June 2021 – NOC AWAY:
K-Dog taking Twitter shade from GT
K-Pup’s debut wicket

Hurst and Marsh partnership
The Lordswood youth and the mystery of “who pushed Emily”

9th June 2021 – Deportivo HOME:
Meering’s big four to close the Blades innings
Farmer’s catch so low down that worms were ducking
Kumar’s 1-1 reply to the 16 off him in the previous over
Hall’s debut 17 with the bat / 2-12 with the ball combo

16th June 2021 – Shirley AWAY:
Humphrey’s 37 not out
nothing else this week came close

23rd June 2021 – Knowle Village AWAY:
Hall’s 27 not out in difficult circumstances
Andy ‘Safe Hands’ Lowe shelling pea

Harry Fay’s soothsaysong prediction

27th July 2021 – Brookfield AWAY:
Grimes hits three fours in the eighth
K-Pup’s respectable 0-6 with the ball

Grimes 25 not out

11th August 2021 – Quilter HOME:
Hurst’s 29 not out
Meering fixing his own dislocated finger and going back out to field on the boundary


Parlez les Blades...

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