New Fixtures Added

My fellow Albanians

Yes, you read that right, there are now THREE more chances to don the baggy blue this summer:

Wed 2nd Jun vs NOC @ The Sporty

Wed 9th Jun vs Knowle Village (venue tbc)

Wed 2nd Jun vs NOC @ The Sporty

Click on each fixture above to register, or click HERE to go to the full fixture list and register for every game this season. You will also* be entered into our mega-draw where you could win one of these amazing prizes:

A popadom of your choice at the end of season curry
A mention in a match report
A chance to keep wicket for a over
One million pounds in cash**
An all-expenses-paid trip to Tirana***


* probably
** you won’t win this
*** or this

Parlez les Blades...

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