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Wed 15th July- AWAY vs Crawley Crows  (Crawley)

Wed 22nd July – AWAY vs Knowle Village (North Walls)
LOST by 4 wickets

Thu 30th July- AWAY vs Winchester (North Walls)
LOST by 24 runs

Wed 12th Aug – AWAY vs Kings Somborne (Kings Somborne)
LOST by 79 runs

Tue 1st Sep – vs Deportivo CC (at M&T CC)
WON by 5 wickets

Thu 3rd Sep – vs Brookfield CC (at M&T CC)



Wed 6th May – AWAY vs Winchester Trust (North Walls)

Thu 14th May –AWAY vs Vine CC (Bursledon)

Wed 20th MayAWAY vs Brookfield (Riverside Park)

Wed 27th May- AWAY vs St Cross (Sports Centre)

Wed 3rd June- AWAY vs NOC (Sports Centre)

Wed 10th June – AWAY vs Kings Somborne (venue tbc)

Wed 17th June- AWAY vs Shirley (Sports Centre)

Wed 24th June- AWAY vs St Cross (Sports Centre)

Wed 1st July – AWAY vs Museums (Sports Centre)

Thu 9th July – AWAY vs Vine CC (Bursledon)

Wed 26th Aug- AWAY vs OMCC (Sports Centre)

Wed 19th Aug- AWAY vs NOC (Sports Centre)


Allez Les Blades!