REPORT – Wed 13th May vs Sports Development HOME

After last week’s postponement, the weather this time was glorious as The Blades’ season got off to a start with this 16-over clash. Late cancellations brought the playing staff down to 8 Blades, but they were 8 keen Blades, eager to start off with winning ways.
Fine shots were in abundance from the off, but an unfortunate nack of finding the fielder kept the run rate low under the opening bowlers, the first six overs bringing 13-0. Once they were seen off, the scorers became busier, especially during Farmer’s unbeaten 25, reached with an enormous 6 over the bovine boundary. Underwood chipped in with a steady 13 to bring The Blades to a total of 83 for 4.

With a gettable total to defend, and a couple of opponents fielding, The Blades scampered terrier-like around the field, chasing every ball. The fifth over brought the first wicket of the season as Galpin skittled the opener for 10, followed by the number two for the same score three overs later. Meering took over responsibility from the Entrance End, bagging three scalps including a sharp C&B for his first wicket.
The game was on a knife edge as we approached the last three overs with Sports Dev needing 17. Sharp fielding and a splendid team effort run out kept the game alive, and the target was four to win in the last over. Sadly the third ball saw a long straight drive cross the long on boundary, giving the visitors 84 for 6 and the victory.

RESULT: Sports Development WIN by 4 wickets


Champagne moment contenders:
Meering’s sharp C&B
Farmer’s lofted 6 to bring up his 25



Parlez les Blades...

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