REPORT – Wed 5th June vs Winchester Council away

Our thanks again this week to Sports Correspondent K. Dog for filing this report

Less a match report and more a series of champagne moments this week attempting in chronological order…

  1. K-Dog’s first action on arrival at North Walls was to encounter the Winchester Youth Firm on the bridge linking the pitches to the leisure centre, and altruistically trying to kick their football back to them, which ended up via a mishit, into the river.
  2. Badger engaging in a heated debate with another team about which pitch we were playing on (he won by making the other team ring the groundsman)
  3. Dan and K-Dog putting on an unbroken 50 for the first wicket, with Jimmer coming in and playing an equally swashbuckling unbeaten innings.
  4. Andy Rhodes instructing Andy Lowe to look for quick singles in the last over, and the skipper running him out by half the pitch on the next ball, “as instructed”.
  5. WK Dan Brown conceding 5 penalty runs off his helmet from a ball that passed narrowly over (his) middle stump. And then nearly repeating the trick in the next over.
  6. Andy Rhodes diving around like a madman throughout the Winchester innings, the funniest being him appearing in the frame around 3 seconds after the ball passed him.
  7. Dan Brown cruelly stumping a Winchester batsman loitering out of his ground and then providing a description of the stumping rule.
  8. Ryan Ward being absolutely unplayable in his second over – metronomically hitting the corridor of uncertainty, and then barely landing a ball on the strip in his 3rd over.
  9. Andy Rhodes chinning the umpire with his bowling hand in his delivery stride.
  10. Skipper shelfishly bringing himself on to bowl in the last over to ‘clean up the tail’ and make ground on the Blades all time leading wicket taker list.
  11. Skipper generally being a demon in the field and mopping up everything that came towards him. A true example.

Want the numbers to back this up? Click here for the scorecard

Parlez les Blades...

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