Awards 2022

It was back to regular action for The Blades this season. When the relevant councils hadn’t ballsed up the putch booking that is.

There were awards of course and the awards that there were were these awards…

Batsman of the Year
Jake “The Gloves” Grimes
for 144 runs in 5 innings, average of 72.0

Bowler of the Year
Barry “Bazza” “The Barrier” Meering for 8 wickets from 29 overs, average of 21.75

Players’ Player of the Year
With a heftty 50% of the vote from his fellow Blades, the PPOTY for 2022 is Barry “Bazza” “The Barrier” Meering

Champagne Moment (Playing)
Jake “The Gloves” Grimes for his innings of 72 not out against Crawley Crows away 40-over game

Champagne Moment (AOB)
Graham “G-Man” Terry for his enthusiastic signalling of a 4 on live TV

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Allez Les Blades!