The old site is no more

Greetings Blades followers!

If you have been quietly holding on to the hope that we would go back to the old site and ditch this new-fangled blog-based system, well I’m afraid you’re now too late! All the cancellations have been done over at the old place, and this site is now the official and exclusive online home for all your Blades needs. If you haven’t already done so, update the link in your favourites. And you really should follow us on twitter @TheBladesCC to ensure any news updates, match commentaries, banter, retweeted cat videos etc appear in your timeline.

All pages, links, personal data, names, phone numbers, pictures etc have deen removed from the old site prior to deletion. I have backed everything up at home though in case we need it in the future.


Onwards and upwards and forwards. And don’t forget to sign up for nets, the first is only six weeks away.



Parlez les Blades...

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