26th August vs St Giles… ONE LAST CHANCE!

That’s right, fellow Albanians, you may have almost forgotten we play cricket it’s been so long since we had a game. But there is ONE LAST CHANCE this season to don the whites and thwack le ballon rouge around.

St Giles will be our hosts on Wednesday at North Walls so sign up HERE to be part of the last game. Remember, places at the end-of-season awards dinner are limited* and will be allocated  on a Games Played basis** so if you want to guarantee yourself a seat near the Kingfishers and bhajis, or if you just want to give The Badger Express a selection headache for the last game, put your names down.

“Come on”, in the immortal words of the inebriated Delia, “let’s be avin you!”


*not actually true
**not true either

Parlez les Blades...

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