26th August vs St Giles – MATCH CANCELLED

In a decision less surprising than a Zimbabwean elecion result, tonight’s game away to St Giles has been cancelled due to the weather being just too sunny and nice seemingly endless rain. This is a huge disappointment as we were all hoping for one final fixture before stuffing the whites in the bottom of the wardrobe to fester unwashed for the winter.

Thanks to all those who rallied round to get a team together for tonight, can we all keep that enthusiasm going for nets and matches in 2016. We have been playing with a sub-numeral squad all summer, let’s make sure we give the Badger a selection headache next year.

Details of awards dinners, poker nights, casino high-rolling, bowls days etc etc will follow I’m sure but for now, that’s a wrap for Summer 2015.

One love. Viva Albania. Peace out.


2 thoughts on “26th August vs St Giles – MATCH CANCELLED”

  1. Oh what a shame – but thanks Ade for all the great match reports and entertaining stuff – gonna miss it loads! Drizzle 1 Albania 0 😂

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