Tour 2016 – Your Views Count!

There has been some discussion recently over whether the Tour for 2016 should decamp from Les Ormes. Many of us have work or family commitments, some are not so flush with cash, and some can’t travel too far. It has therefore been suggested that the Tour take place somewhere closer to home.


The Blades would like to know your thoughts, so please take a moment to vote on where you would like to tour:


And as a followup question: If the tour was closer to home, somewhere near enough that day trips are an option and/or bringing the family along, what would your touring intentions be:


Thanks for taking the time to read and to vote. Also, please feel free to comment below. if you wish. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable and could mean the difference between The Blades touring or not.


One thought on “Tour 2016 – Your Views Count!”

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