2016 fixtures

Like a dormouse in a haystack on some rustic field somewhere amongst England’s green and pleasant land, the Blades website has awaked from its winter hibernation, rubbed its eyes, updated its fixture list page, and staggered bleary-eyed into the new season.

I know you are all superkeen to get your names registered for all those Wednesday evenings of whites, wine and wonderful bowling, and now you can. Simply click HERE for the full fixture list. And once you have updated your diaries, visit each fixture to register your avaiability.

And this is your big chance to speak to that office intern who looks suspiciously like Freddie Flintoff and is taking a keen interest in the T20 world cup, and get him/her signed up as a Blade. Excitingly, there is a cash prize* for the Blade who recruits the most new players this year!

Get those names in

Get those whites washed


*There isn’t actually. But we can always use more players.

Parlez les Blades...

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