Do you fancy a beer and a curry?

Then you could be just the sort of person The Blades are looking for! The official Start Of Season Curry will be Fri 15th April and YOU are invited!

It’s the traditional itinerary – meet at The Grapes at 7.30pm and then hotfoot next door to Kutis at 8 for an Eat As Many Bhajis As You Like buffet. And once we have all stuffed ourselves then the after-dinner discussion workshops are expected to cover such diverse topics as…

  • Subs
  • How can we get more players this year
  • Will there be a tour
  • How are we doing for funds Mr Badger
  • We pay how much for a pitch and we still have to put our own stumps out
  • Why Albania


See you all there!


Parlez les Blades...

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