The Blades need YOU!

The situation is getting very serious now. After much cajoling we have a team of 9 for tonight, next week’s game has been cancelled as we only have 6 registered, the following week 18th May the current headcount stands at 2.

Please, we are begging you once again, get your name registered for each and every game you can play this season. Knightwood are asking us for SEVEN days notice for pitch cancellations, meaning that we need to know a week ahead if a game is viable.

I know we are missing a few players during May and there will always be those who are unavailable some weeks, but on current numbers we face another season of doubts, begging emails, scratch sides and half-filled squads. I  know this sounds dramatic but if this continues then The Blades are simply not viable. It’s YOUR team. Use it or lose it.

It’s nobody’s fault, everyone has responsibilities outside of cricket, and players inevitably move on. But what you CAN do is register your name so that we at least know where we stand. And a few more players in the squad would always be helpful.

The future, as it stands, is looking bleak. Help us to turn it round.




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Parlez les Blades...

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