Next game – Wed 22nd June vs NOC home

This is traditionally the time when we look to next week’s team sheet and issue a rallying call for numbers, but for the first time since (checks Wisden) August 1749 we have a selection headache with 13 Blades listed as available. This is great news, THANK YOU ALL!

This may mean that one or two need to stand down on the day but i would urge you, if you are available PLEASE still come along. It is always possible / likely that people get stuck at work or in traffic and we may need everyone on board to field an 11. And if you don’t get to play, support is always welcome. You might even enjoy it – the last two games have been nailbiters. Or if you fancy a thankless task that is hugely valuable but gets little credit, we could always use another umpire or scorer…

Thanks for your support guys. See you all next Wednesday. And don’t forget to sign up for the rest of the season if you haven’t already


2 thoughts on “Next game – Wed 22nd June vs NOC home”

  1. Brilliant
    however for political correction Wisden could not have reported the ‘lack’ of Blades team in 1749.

    Here goes:

    Wisden was founded in 1864 by the English cricketer John Wisden (1826–84) as a competitor to Fred Lillywhite’s The Guide to Cricketers. Wisden has had 17 editors covering 151 editions during 150 years of publication. The first edition, only 112 pages long, sold for one shilling. Rare copies of the early editions can sell for thousands.

    1. Ah, you’ve made a common but understandable mistake. You’re confusing John Wisden with his great great great uncle Zebediah Wisden who produced a similar but short-lived “Criketters Allmanak” back in the 18th Century. I’ve got the 1749 “Yeare in Re-viuw” to hand and it says that “on the five-teenth daye of August, a Wodensday fulle of sun and brite cheere, Ye Bladdes did boast a fullsome number of Crikett pleyeres for the match gainst Museummes. Twas an dozene and one of the finest yeomen Albania ever did produce that gatherd at Knight Woode.” I won’t bore you with the full entry here but it does mention that Ye Bladdes were triumphant on the day, and that there would have been more in the squad that night but a player knowns as “Ye Baddgar Expresse” cancelled at the last minute.

      Hope that clears up any confusion

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