Golden Envelopes

There’s nothing like the mention of a bhaji buffet to get The Blades out in their droves. Even, shall we say, more part-time players like Tombs and Wikes made a welcome appearance, eager to discover who had won the awards this year, and to make detailed notes as they tried to keep up with the tsunami of stats and figures in the Badger’s traditional Statement and Powerpoint slide presentation.

It was an evening of curry, Cobra but sadly not cake as the birthday party next to the buffet shunned Whitear’s request to share their cake, despite the fact that The Blades sung happy birthday louder than anyone else.

Discussion points during what serves as the AGM section of the evening included; is The Blades’ nomadic life to take another turn as we consider decamping to North Walls Winchester?; will Cricket Albania reply to Martyn’s facebook message/challenge?; Galps to continue in his role as DOC, assisted by Cinz.

Of course, the highlight of the night is always the Treasurer’s Autumn Statement. I could never do the speech justice and recreate the zip and vim of the oration here, but in a nutshell; the key to the tin has been found (as later was the Treasurer’s train ticket), we have some money, we owe some money, all seems well in the dizzying world of finance.

But never mind all that, I hear you shout, who won what? You can click here to visit the Awards page for 2016 but if you can’t be arsed, or you just like spoilers, the winners were…


Bowler of the Year – Kieran Humphrey

Batsman of the Year – Neil Farmer

PPOTY – Kieran Humphrey

Champagne Moment – Graham Terry


Congratulations to all.

That’s it for another year. Have a good winter, see you for nets in the Spring


Parlez les Blades...

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