2018 – so much to look forward to!

My fellow Albanians


What better time than now, while it’s cold and snowing, to look ahead to the great British summer when it will be slightly warmer and raining.

That’s right, it’s time to start a-registerin’ and a-findmoreplayersin’ and a-pledgin’ your Wednesday evenings to the mighty Blades. Get ready to wear out your mouse and your clicking finger as you visit the website and let everyone know when you will be donning the whites and the Baggy Blue

  • Nets will be every Wednesday during April: register here
  • Fixtures start on 3rd May: register here
  • Tour weekend 29 June -1st July: read about it and register here

Get your name down nice and early, and also the name of that neighbour/ mate/ colleague/ milkman/ hairdresser of yours who looks capable of smacking Mort over the pavilion.

Thanks for listening. God bless us all and God bless the United Blades of Albania


2 thoughts on “2018 – so much to look forward to!”

  1. many thanks Ade for a very warm welcome with an exceedingly cool website – looking forward to the season once storm Emma leaves us
    – enjoying the snow though

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