OK, so this time NEXT week…

The British “summer” has a wonderful sense of irony. Finally we get a day of sunshine, on the day of the opening Blades fixture of the year. But the game is still off due to the weather of the last, oooh let’s say, 243 days. So we are denied a game, a series of what I’m sure would have been riveting match update tweets from the Badger, and the chance to test out the off-drive you’ve been perfecting in the nets all April.

So what to do with your evening? Play football? Mow the lawn? Watch an epidsode of something Nordic on catch up? Or maybe register for next week’s clash with Vine CC – we only have 5 booked on the website so GET ONLINEĀ  and GET INVOLVED!

Peace out



Parlez les Blades...

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