REPORT – Thu 12th July vs Vine AWAY

This week, a special treat. Not only is the King of Sping; he’s also the Don of Tellinguswhatsgoingon. Yep, your reporter this week is Sir Graham of Terrence. Tell us whagwann GT…

Well as Blades games go,  it was an all too familiar start with only 6 present for the start of the innings…others on the way and others not… the hope was we would reach the dizzy heights of 8 players donning the baggy blue and so we eventually did. But not before some early wickets going down, with the loss of Whythe & Hunter cheaply, followed by new Blade Webber – the Blades were 27 for 3 off 5 overs. With the cavalry yet to arrive in the shape of Paul “Chambo” Chamberlain & Dan ‘he da man’ Brown, all 6 Blades present showed their versatility in batting, umpiring & scoring.

Kaptain K-Dog and the swashbuckling Galps steadied the ship, with Galps eventually getting out for a strong 16. K-Dog soon retired on 25, and that brought a variety of partnerships for the Enigma that is Dan Brown to superbly marshal the team and scoreboard along. A cheeky little knock of 10 from GT in there (contrary to popular rumours he isn’t just a sure fire bet for a duck). But let’s not play down the master class from Brown. Only the second Blade ever to score a 50 in an evening game for the team, he protected his wicket like a (Digital) Fortress, beautifully supported by the Hump, both finishing the innings 54 and 34 not out respectively. Setting a daunting 157 to win off 20 overs. Surely our intrepid 8 couldn’t go from Angels to Demons, could they? Score 156 for 5


The regular known bowlers went about their business well. Galpino was red hot – some may say like an Inferno, with excellent figures of 1 for 14. That cunning fox GT did ok off his 4 overs with 1-26 (going for a bit of tap in his last), the wicket included a sensational catch from… yep Dan Brown! No he wasn’t fielding at (Deception) Point but behind the stumps with the gloves on. Over the shoulder one handed catch – amazeballs!

A good split shift of bowling from Ben Whythe (2 for 25), accompanied by a mixed bag from a good number of the remaining Blades. This unfortunately though brought the opposition right back into the game. The Origin of his talent is unknown but that boy Brown whipped the pads and gloves off and manfully grabbed the ball. And only took a wicket in his first over (somewhat delayed as neither he or K-dog keeping heard the nick that the boundary fielders did). The rate now though was against a valiant Blades attempt, with a number of balls over the fence never to be found again like The Lost Symbol. Still though there was time for DB to get in on it again & take a catch in the outfield. It went down to the last but the ask was too great! Score 160 for 7


A top match from a heroic 8. But the accolades and the man of the match award must go to Mr Daniel Brown, who also takes over the title of Best Brown Ever To Play For The Blades. Whatever codes he’s broken previously is nothing compared to the Blade’s records that went tumbling…! Dan InVincible!!




Parlez les Blades...

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