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Wed 3rd Aug vs Winchester HOME


A cracking match that saw the Blades giving Winchester hospital (batting first) absolutely nothing for free with some miserly bowling backed up by tight fielding. They scraped their way to 92 for 5 off 20 overs which for a long time looked like being a lot lower (don’t worry, I won’t mention the over where you got battered Martyn…….. oops!).

Fear not! He quickly made amends for the over that we’ll never mention again with a classic White Ears batting performance, pinging the ball to all corners and rattling up a quick 25.  The run rate slowed due to accurate bowling and an unhelpful pitch but the Blades look comfortable throughout despite the occasional wicket falling. When Farmer/Farmski/Cinz/Cinzano retired for his 25, the Blades only needed around 3 per over from the last 6.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lack of runs and more wickets left us staring down the barrel. With, I think, 12 needed from the last two overs. A fine boundary from Paul before getting bowled kept us in touch and then Captain Newport did likewise towards the end of the last over. The scores were tied with one delivery to come and Lowey recalled all the footballing skill from his youth to kick it about 2 yards and GT (already halfway down the track) scampered home for a glorious victory from a leg bye. Blades made a total of 93 for 4 and win by 1 run. Or however many wickets we had left, 4 I think.

The kicker to this is that throughout much of the Blades match we had the extremely unusual site of Andy Lowe doing the scoring.  Yes, you read that right. And for some time I kept hearing him sounding not completely sure of the score “Is it 60 or 61. Or 62?” And other such mutterings. Who knows, maybe it was a draw after all, a win before the drama or in fact we actually lost. I’ll let Andy shed some light on that.

RESULT: Blades WIN by 4 wickets (or thereabouts)

Champagne moment contenders:
Terry running the wrong way when the ball was hit to him.
Comical run out involving 4 of our fielders.

Whitear M’s 28 not out