Results 2011

Thu 5th May 2011 – AWAY vs Gresham (Burridge):
game cancelled

Wed 11th May 2011 – HOME vs Consultants (Knightwood):
lost by 20 runs

Wed 18th May 2011 -AWAY vs Academics (Wide Lane):
lost by 4 wickets

Wed 25th May 2011 – HOME vs Sports Development (Knightwood):
won by 7 wickets

Wed 1st June 2011 – HOME v Motts (Knightwood):
lost by 30 runs

Thu 9th June 2011 – AWAY vs Wincester (North Walls):
won by 5 runs

Wed 15th June 2011 – AWAY vs Shirley (Sports Centre):
game cancelled

Wed 22nd June 2011 – AWAY vs Museums (Hoglands Park):
game cancelled

Tue 28th June 2011 – HOME v NOC (Knightwood):
won by 46 runs

Wed 6th July 2011 – HOME vs Gresham (Knightwood):
won by 73 runs

Wed 13th July 2011 – HOME vs Consultants (Knightwood):
game cancelled

Wed 20th July 2011 – HOME vs Winchester (Knightwood):
game cancelled

Sat 30th July 2011 – First TOUR match vs Les Ormes:
lost by 153 runs

Sun 31st July 2011 – Second TOUR match vs Les Ormes:
lost by 6 wickets

Wed 3rd August 2011 – AWAY v Academics (Wide Lane):
game cancelled

Wed 10th August 2011 – HOME v Motts (Knightwood):
won by 8 wickets

Wed 17th August 2011 – HOME v Sports Devlopment (Knightwood):
game cancelled

Wed 24th August 2011 – HOME vs OPCS (Knightwood):
game cancelled

Wed 31st August 2011 – HOME v Consultants (Knightwood):
won by 9 wickets

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