Thu 30th June – OMCC HOME

At Knightwood from 6pm – NOTE THIS MATCH IS ON A THURSDAY

Please register your availability as player or reserve in the box below

11 thoughts on “Thu 30th June – OMCC HOME”

  1. thursday poss but afraid not great – returning from a London meeting with an unpredictable end time. if we finish at 4-5 return from Holburn is going to be at least 6-7 pm i suspect – . Nadeem

  2. I have no idea how to use this, but if this is where we register, Jacob and I can (probably) play this game. Well, Jacob can play, I can stand around, I haven’t put bat to ball since my last Blades outing, but the muscle memory might still be there.
    Pete (Cockney Rebel)

    1. Thank you for proving how simple and user friendly this website is Pete, this is indeed how it’s done. It will be brilliant to see you and Jacob back. Don’t worry about being a little rusty – returning to the crease after a lengthy absence is a theme for this summer 🙂

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