It’s all about YOU

The new website is now in full swing, and we’re sure you are enjoying receiving regular emails and updates. But in this new-fangled social media world, information is a two-way process.

When you have read the match report each week, why not leave a comment to share your thoughts / celebrations / commiserations / informed punditry with your fellow cricket enthusiasts?

And a new feature this year – at the end of each match report we will be listing Champagne Moment Contenders. This means that come the end of the season, a quick flick through the reports will serve as a reminder when we are building a shortlist. Why not add your CMC in the comments below each match report?

Don’t be shy, Parlez les Blades!


4 thoughts on “It’s all about YOU”

  1. Fantastic work on this site & well done boys last night!

    Just read the badger speaks section – wisest thing I think I’ve ever heard him say

    Keep up the excellent mulitmedia wizardry

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