We are all Albanians, apparently

I couldn’t work out why a little red heart kept appearing in match tweets on Wednesday night. I did work out that it was every time I hashtagged ALB and figured twitter had worked out we tweet that alot and was somehow favouriting it or some such.

Then I saw the twitter feed last night about the Eurovision and noticed that Twitter was adding flag hearts whenever anyone tweeted about a country: #SWE automatically got a heart-shaped swedish flag, #POL got a polish one and so on. Then I remembered that the little red heart from Wednesday had black centre, just like the eagle in the centre of the red albanian flag, so whenever we hashtagged ALB, twitter assumed we were expressing our support for Albania.

It seems that The Blades have inadvertently adopted Albania as their national side.

Vijnë në Shqipëri! #ALB

6 thoughts on “We are all Albanians, apparently”

  1. Good spot Ade. You have too find something of interest to do whilst watching Eurovision !! Allez Les Blades #ALB

Parlez les Blades...

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