Warning – this is a rant.

We have just four fixtures left this season, and not enough players for any of them. Current registration headcounts are:

Wed 13th July – AWAY vs Shirley  6
Wed 20th July – AWAY vs St Giles 9
Wed 3rd Aug – HOME vs Winchester Trust 7 + 1 maybe
Wed 17th Aug – AWAY vs NOC 7 + 1 maybe

PLEASE click here for the fixture list and register your availability. If we don’t get enough names, these fixtures are in grave danger of being cancelled. I know the weather hasn’t been great this, and that can’t be helped, but we have only played three games this summer. Those games we have played, we have only managed to put a side out thanks to the reminding, conjoling and nagging of everyone to register.

None of us wants to see the club fold but to be brutal, if we lose any more games due to lack of players, that is what is likely to happen. Those who work behind the scenes on the admin side of the club – arranging fixtures, booking pitches, organising the team, cancelling fixtures, cancelling pitches, maintaining kit, controlling finances, administrating the website, and many other jobs besides – are not going to want to carry on doing so for just three fixtures a year.

This isn’t a cry for recognition – those that do the jobs above do so for the love of the club. What it is a cry for is for players to put their names down in good time so that we can all be aware who is free and who isn’t. And to do their bit in finding new players – we can’t just rely on Nadeem’s (admittedly first class) recruitment service.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the sake of the club, sign up.

Apologies for the rant. No actually, I don’t apologise. It needs saying.

What I do apologise for is those who are the core of the team but still have to read the nagging emails every week. Sorry gents, it’s not aimed at you.

OK rant over, you may return to your day.  But don;t forget to register first.



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