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2017 Nets

What’s that? Nets announced already? But I haven’t even washed my box after the end of the season yet!

It’s true though, Jimmer Jimbo Jimmy JimJam Hurst has booked nets at the Rose Bowl on Wednesdays from April into May 2017. Click here to see the full list of dates, and follow the links to each net to register.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Book before Nov 12th and sign up for all four to qualify for a discount*



*discount is for a 10% saving on the upcoming audio MP3 release
“The Badger’s Top Twenty Financial Statements”


Wed 13th July vs Shirley CC AWAY

The Blades webmaster has a long hard loook in the mirror, had a word with himself and finally published a registration page for Shirley away next week.

He apologises, and knows he has let you all down, has let the game of cricket down and has let himself down.

Please hurry along to THIS PAGE and bung your name in the box sharpish if you can play on the postage stamp at The Sporty on the 13th.

Thanks awfully

#ALB etc

MATCH CANCELLED Wed 6th July vs Sports Development

My fellow Blades

Sadly, we have had to cancel next week’s fixture vs SpoDev. This match clashed with the Euro Semi-final, causing a potential move to Tu e 5th July, but even without that move, neither side had raised more than 6 players each so the fixture had to go.

After this week’s game on 30th July, we have just THREE fixtures in place for the rest of the season. I have listed them below – click on each to regiester your names. Currently the squads for these matches number 7, 6 and 7 respectively so SIGN UP NOW if you’re free. We have only played three times so far this summer, it would be a shame if we lost these fixtures aswell.


  • Wed 20th July – AWAY vs St Giles (Winchester, venue tbc)
  • Wed 3rd Aug – HOME vs Winchester Trust (Knightwood
  • Wed 17th Aug – AWAY vs NOC (Sports Centre)



Next game – Wed 22nd June vs NOC home

This is traditionally the time when we look to next week’s team sheet and issue a rallying call for numbers, but for the first time since (checks Wisden) August 1749 we have a selection headache with 13 Blades listed as available. This is great news, THANK YOU ALL!

This may mean that one or two need to stand down on the day but i would urge you, if you are available PLEASE still come along. Continue reading Next game – Wed 22nd June vs NOC home

Winchester away DATE CHANGED to 25th May

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, Winchester away will now take place on Weds 25th May at 6pm.

The registration page is here and still carries the names from the original fixture. PLEASE REGISTER if you haven’t already done so. If you HAVE registered, please reply to your original comment to confirm whether or not you are still available to play.

Thanks all, your assistance is appreciated